POEM: The Bitter-Sweet News


The doctor looked at me,
Smiled and said,
“You’re pregnant!”

Outside he waited.
In silence we walked to a nearby dingy coffee shop.
I ordered water.
He didn’t want anything.
‘Too much coffee while I waited’
He said nervously.
‘Doctor told you what’s wrong?’
‘I’m pregnant.’
I said flatly.
‘What?’ he asked cautiously.
‘I’m pregnant!’
I threw the words out carelessly,
the way the sea churns out dirt from its core.

A stare.
And then slowly his lips parted
revealing a row of snow white straight teeth.
A smile I had fallen in love with
many years ago.

That night,
he held me so tenderly,
as tenderly as he had done in a time very distant from now.
But I knew that the tenderness
was not meant for me,
but for the part of him
growing inside me.

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