POEMS by Amanda Ballen

Sleeping Patterns

By the time I awake,
I am already alone for the day.
I find your body as a comma,
a linen emboss of man,
plaster of paris-cast in your
sheets of smooth sleep.
So Sandman-crusty.

The bed holds no more of me
than bitsy ditto marks, creased tracks
from my sliced up night of
newborn time


Eulogy to a Garden Snail

The garden snail as noble knowledge-seeker.
How much it must record with such snugness to the earth,
a body’s naked fondling of the braille of garden soil,
slow-suckling of suburban walls, euphoric excretions
of savouring still-time, of silent molluscked tai chi.
Maintaining such sensitive peristalsis over
lawnmower vibrato, the manic buzz
of bees to flower.

Data stored as mucus maps
that fancy shell of Tiger’s Eye
a smoky wooded library
a canister of microscopic details
a promising shield for a life of wisdom
crypt of slow-knowing,

splintered in a second
by the weight of the rubber sole of a speedy
foot. A plastic sneaker,
home from a long day of yapping and

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