POEMS by SS Dheda

Deadly Companion

Often my mind and I discuss you.
How time would be endless if you were not there,
how I would be different if you did not stealthily enter
through the backdoor of my hustled thoughts
and hide behind the curtains of my flaws,
or if you had not totally burnt through
all my other traits and remained like the sole
firefly buzzing through a night sky
of dark thoughts.

Concentrating on your being when I am in
solitude and amidst the clobbering clownish crowds,
I find that you alone are my philosopher,
my friend, my enemy, my companion, my problem,
my strength; my weakness.

Demolishing all bonds that tie me,
creating invisible impenetrable boundaries
around me, I am caged- in here- in
this dark, endless infinite room with you;
as simply as a prisoner and a timid constantly
dripping tap.


Old Things

I tried new things
but the carcass of the old things
took up too
much space

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