POEMS: My Father’s Watch, and Ambush


My Father’s Watch

I wanted my father’s watch
I wanted the large hands and numbers
to tick me towards to my own death

But in my father’s last fall
its face cracked
its body broke

I inherited instead
his slowly greying hair



i let an octopus kiss me
head resting on my tongue
mouth gagged

salt water sliding
down my throat
i let an octopus slide between my legs

tentacled arms
puckered nipples
welts on my skin

beaked mouth engulfing
clitoris labia vagina
i heard the weight of the ocean howl

i let his tentacles tear me open
swelling pink pulsing to blood red
i let an octopus slide between my legs

Written in response to Penny Siopis’ painting Ambush [2008], which is a response to Hokusai’s woodcut, The Fisherman’s Wife [1820].

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